Our company


Press’n Clean is a brand of ACTIWORK company which designs, manufactures and distributes hand disinfection terminals adaptable to all sectors of activity. The company relies on its technical expertise, its extensive catalog and its proven knowledge of industrial work standards and processes to provide reliable, practical, optimized materials, taking into account the specificities of each workstation and each user.

Actiwork products meet the needs of:

  • Productivity
  • Sécurity
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Réactivity
  • Comfort

They allow everyone to "live their work well".

Press’n Clean kiosks are a key range in ACTIWORK's offer. This innovative and intelligent solution allows the distribution of hydroalcoholic gel without contaminating the container. Press’n Clean Connect technology has been registered with the INPI: rest easy for recharging your charging stations.

You can alert directly and automatically with a QR Code so that a technician intervenes as soon as possible. Embodied by founding leaders, technical training, from industrial acoustics, the company was born in 1998 from the perspective of industrial realities and advice from occupational health services: doctors, C.R.A.M, I.N.R.S ...

It mobilizes its ability to listen and discern with its customers, operators and partners to provide ingenious solutions intended to improve working conditions in the industry, hence its name ACTIWORK.

Save time with Press’n Clean Connect !