Press'n Clean Connect

The connected dispenser that notifies you
when there is no more hydroalcoholic gel

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Press’n Clean Connect


This unique innovation will allow you to gather information on consumption and hydroalcoholic gel shortage. How ? As soon as a user finds out that the dispenser is empty, he will scan the QR Code on the dispenser with his smartphone. This scan will send the information to a technician and he will be able to refill the dispenser as soon as possible. Via web interface, you will be able to manage and monitor your hydroalcoholic gel consumption on a daily basis, dispenser by dispenser. Warnings can be in instant mode or preventive mode, and can be done via the web interface, by email or sms (optional). In order to never miss of hydroalcoholic gel, you can order it directly on our web interface ! Technician will be able to view dispenser that need to be refilled via a map or a list.

Check the level of your dispenser in real time

When a user finds out that a dispenser is empty, he scans the QR Code placed on the dispenser with his smartphone. This scan sends information back to the Administrator or to the person in charge of the dispenser (Technician, etc.), to warn him in real time and allow him to act as soon as possible.

Follow your hydroalcoholic gel consumption

Thanks to this app, you can manage and track your consumption of hydroalcoholic gel, dispenser by dispenser, in instant mode or in preventive mode, via a web interface. Alerts can be sent either by WEB, email, or SMS (Optional).

Manage maintenance and supply for your dispenser

When the technician refills the dispenser or if he notices that the dispenser is deteriorated, he has to scan the maintenance QR Code located at the back of the door and enter the information on the Web Interface. These informations allow you to fill in the inventory status and notifies the need for spare parts replenishment as a preventive measure.

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It has become more than essential to disinfect your hands several times a day to avoid any risk of spreading a virus. This dispenser provides sanitizer gel without risk of contamination, by simply pressing your elbow on the metal tab. It helps to protect yourself, your team, visitors and suppliers against any kind of bacteria. It is a mechanical system, without electrical connection, therefore making it maintenance-free. The Press’n Clean dispenser answers to multiple applications : offices, reception halls, workshops, logistic platforms, canteens, communities…


Elbow control


Elbow and feet control


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