Press'n Clean Connect

This unique innovation will allow you to gather information on consumption and hydroalcoholic gel shortage. Check the level of your dispenser in real time. Follow your hydroalcoholic gel consumption. Manage maintenance and supply for your dispenser


How ?


As soon as a user finds out that the dispenser is empty, he will scan the QR Code on the dispenser with his smartphone. This scan will send the information to a technician and he will be able to refill the dispenser as soon as possible. Via web interface, you will be able to manage and monitor your hydroalcoholic gel consumption on a daily basis, dispenser by dispenser. Warnings can be in instant mode or preventive mode, and can be done via the web interface, by email or sms (optional). Technician will be able to view dispenser that need to be refilled via a map or a list.



Warn the technicians of the need to refill the dispenser

Users can report an empty dispenser and your technicians are notified when there is a dispenser in their area that needs to be refilled.

Manage trips for refill

Dispenser geo-tracking allows technicians to optimize their trips to refill empty dispensers.

Geo-track your dispensers

Precisely locate and view the GPS position of your dispenser on a map

Manage your hydroalcoholic gel consumption

Our platform tracks the number of refills and deducts the approximate consumption of your dispenser in real time.

Optimize the position of your dispensers

By monitoring your consumption, you can optimize the position of your dispensers on your site.

Manage warnings in instant or preventive mode

The platform allows you to manage the type of managing either factually the alerts or to predict the interventions by anticipating consumption.

Precisely manage your hydroalcoholic gel stocks

You can manage and track your consumption of hydroalcoholic gel.

Optimize your supplies

Press’n Clean Connect allows you to purchase consumables and spare parts at the right time.

Save time with Press'n Clean Connect !